This Roomba is cheap and also multifunction: it costs € 279 it also scrubs | Technology

For less than 300 euros and with up to three scrubbing modes, this robot vacuum cleaner is functional and economical for a wide variety of homes.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great support to keep the house as clean as possible on a day-to-day basis. An independent appliance that, once programmed, fly alone on the floor of the house to clean, vacuum and scrub the different surfaces without us worrying more about that task.

There are all kinds of models on the market, but most have much more affordable prices than years ago. Robot vacuum cleaners are within reach of all pockets and with quite complete features to clean effectively. This is demonstrated by this Roomba that is on sale at Media Markt.

The appliance store sells this iRobot model for 279 euros. Have applied 30% discount on the cost and has no shipping costs, so it is not necessary to go to the nearest physical store to obtain it at no additional cost.

This robot vacuum cleaner is one of the few multifunction Roomba. It not only vacuums but also scrubs and also has iRobot’s navigation system, the most advanced on the market.

The Roomba Combo 1138 is a model prepared to vacuum the floor and scrub it in a single pass. It has three scrub modes to personalize cleaning every day of the week, depending on the needs of the house at all times, for example, if we have had a visitor and a more thorough cleaning is necessary.

You can also vacuum floors and carpets with two suction modes. The robot is equipped with two external brushes that remove dirt from the walls and corners so that any corner can be vacuumed effectively. Although it is not intended for houses in which there are pets and a very high cleaning is required.

Having a robot that cleans the floor of your house while you are at work or college is wonderful. The robot vacuum cleaner has become an essential element in any home, and in this guide you will find everything you need to decide on the purchase of yours.

With the mobile application we can program the cleaning and control its configuration, if you need a change of the deposit or not. It can be voice controlled with the Google or Alexa virtual assistant. This is a smart robot that creates tracking routes and works in orderly rows to go through all the points in the house.

The capacity of its tank is 0.3 liters, it emits 58 db of noise and its battery is 3,000 mAh, which gives it an autonomy of 100 minutes. If this model suits the needs of your home and your family, it is on sale for 279 euros at Media Markt.

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