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There has been a long debate in the Fortnite community over the use of keyboard and mouse controls. To end this once and for all, a subject became the « true hybrid player » and enjoys the Battle Royale with mouse and control at the same time.

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On reddit, the user known as Teufellurch made a post to brag about his unorthodox way of playing Fortnite. What this player does is use a stand to hold his control still so that he can use the right stick and buttons with his right hand.

With his left hand, the player moves the mouse to aim and shoot. We know that this may sound very strange to you, but this control scheme accommodates you since you are left-handed: “I am left-handed, so I use my left hand to aim and instead of moving with the right stick, I move with my right stick” .

In his publication on reddit, Teufellurch also explained that this technique was born because he wanted to play with the mouse, but that moving with the keyboard simply did not suit him. This is how he decided to create his technique.

“At one point the assisted sight was very powerful (now it is more balanced). Basically I got tired of the game doing all the work for me and wanted to learn how to play with a mouse. But I hated to move with WASD and also my fingers started to hurt after 20 minutes of playing on the keyboard, so I had to find another solution, « he explained.

If you want to see more about the Teufellurch technique, we invite you to see its publication on reddit. There he shared a video that shows how his way of playing works.

And you, what do you think about this style of play? Tell us in the comments.

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