Fans of Guy Carlier are very concerned about the health of the latter following the publication of a photo in which he appears very thin.

Writer, lyricist, host, columnist, Guy Carlier is a real jack-of-all-trades who, at 71, has nothing more to prove. But what makes a lot of talk in recent years is its incredible weight loss. Indeed, Guy Carlier was already one of the five biggest men in France.

Affected by bulimia, he has now left all that behind him. Thanks to the help of his partner Christine, he managed to lose 125 kilos in almost 10 years as he was able to tell VSD. He had already weighed up to 240 kilos.

He had also returned to this disease in his work Le cœur au belly in 2006.

During the dinner, I ate very little, as always, that too, it is a constancy of bulimia, you cannot imagine how many times, during a meal, I was made this reflection: “But you don’t eat anything! “Well, no, we don’t eat anything… in public, that’s normal, (…) we have fun on our own, we shut ourselves away to eat, the birds hide to die, bulimics too.

A photo that challenges

The author of Minus 125 released in 2019, does not seem to have finished losing weight. But this time, he starts to worry his fans. It’s on his account Twitter that he shared a photo in which he appears very thin while he proudly wears a soccer jersey.

In caption, he then wrote:

Okay, I look stupid, but I can finally put on this Monaco jersey that Michel Hidalgo gave me.

In a second photo where we see him this time from the back, he added:

It’s XL. A year ago I wore 4XL… 10 years ago, the swimsuit would have had to be cut from a yurt canvas.

Concerned fans

In the comments section, many Internet users have alerted Guy Carlier, sharing their concern about this impressive weight loss.

The stupid air no, but the tired air yes… Guy, please, ½ Carlier less is already very good but ¾ less, it is not necessary! Really !

You are beautiful Guy but this photo plunges me into immense sadness … Take care of yourself.

You have to make sure you fill up a bit and take care of yourself Guy.

Enough is enough. Take care Guy.

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