This photo taken by an octopus won first prize in the 2020 Ocean Art Contest

“I put my camera in the sand and an octopus started taking pictures with it.” This is the story of a cephalopod photographer.

Gaetano Dario Gargiulo was on vacation with his family. She has a three-year-old son, lives in Australia and has a camera Nikon D850 +. Like any fan, he enjoys taking the team with him to the destinations you choose to rest. On that occasion, he decided to take a few days to visit New South Wales. He never imagined that an octopus would snatch his Nikon to take the Winning photo of the 2020 Ocean Art Contest.

Day of the tentacle

In general, Gaetano Dario Gargiulo enjoys capturing wide-angle images. This allows you to collect a lot of information about the environment of the animals you photograph, in a technique widely known as fish eye. Many of his photographs are available on his Instagram account (@gaetanodariogargiulo).

Gargiulo walked with his son in the coastline. The sand brushed her feet and the sun gently burned her skin. As close to the water as he was, it was easy for him to spot a specimen of common octopus near the shore. The mollusk was so close, that he decided to put his camera in the sand to take a photo of it. This is how he tells it himself:

On the day of the photo, I stayed in the tide pool because it was too low to venture out of bounds. In one of the shallower parts of the pond I noticed an octopus. I placed my camera close and began to interact with it. He came completely out of the den and, to our amazement, started taking pictures!

On retrieving his camera, the photographer realized that the octopus had not taken one, but several photographs with your Nikon with the following settings: 1/20, F22, ISO 320. The result left him completely shocked, and he decided to enter one of his favorite images in the Ocean Art Contest that year. In honor of the octopus, he titled it The Day of the Tentacle (2020), the day of the tentacle.

A winning image

A few months after the image was registered, Gaetano Dario Gargiulo received the news that he had won the first place in the Best of Show category. In the image, you can see the photographer in the foreground, showing its tentacles in all its vigor around the lens. In the background is Gargiulo with his three-year-old son, on the surface of the sea.

Naturally, the photography caused a stir among the amateur and professional photographer community. Despite the pandemic, the image went around the world for its spontaneity and unusual angle. TechNews would even describe it as “the most iconic selfie of the year.”

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