This photo of Rocío Monasterio gives a lot to talk about on Twitter for a detail that cannot be casual

Rocío Monasterio, arriving in Seville. (Photo: TWITTER / ROCÍO MONASTERIO)

Rocío Monasterio, leader of Vox in Madrid, is generating dozens of comments on Twitter with a photo that she has uploaded and in which she herself arrives at the Santa Justa train station, in Seville.

The reason for all the fuss is so obvious that it is hard to see why at first glance. The Vox leader comes out dragging a suitcase and the key is at the top of the image, where a sign appears indicating which door to exit to reach Avenida Pablo Iglesias in the city.

In short: the photo shows the Monastery under a sign that literally reads “Exit Pablo Iglesias”.

The policy has not made any reference to that sign in its message, but it has not been necessary: ​​there have been many users who have noticed the detail.

“We are already in Seville! This afternoon at 8:00 p.m. we will be in San Juan de Aznalfarache denouncing the insecurity suffered by the neighbors and the consequences of the irresponsible policies that favor illegal immigration. I wait for you! ”, Monastery has simply written.

The image has provoked reactions like these:

And all this just over a month after Pablo Iglesias left the Cadena Ser electoral debate after Monasterio did not condemn the death threats received by the former leader of Podemos.

“It is not acceptable for Mrs. Monastery to question what happened and if she does not retract, we are going to abandon the debate,” Iglesias warned.

“I encourage you to go report these threats. We don’t believe anything. And if you want then get out, which is what many Spaniards want. It is very easy for him to get up, a lot of Spaniards are wanting him, to leave Spain. Come on, I’m glad you’re leaving ”, replied Monastery.


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