We must make the most of the time we have today, due to the contingency due to COVID-19 that has imposed new rules in the way we manage our activities and has forced us to make the most of digital potential.

The figure that forces us to invest our time more and more in digital is from GlobalWebIndex and it shows that people in the world are spending 45 percent more time on messaging services, while 44 percent have dedicated more time on social networking services and 36 percent spend more time on a computer.

People in the world spend 36 percent more time on activities through a computer.

Last days for you to be a « crack » in digital marketing

We are a few days away from starting the Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by the School of Marketing, at this time when the new coronavirus pandemic forced confinement at home, professionals who have been able to maintain protection.

The new rules that have been imposed due to the pandemic have forced us to think about how to implement new knowledge to improve our work as marketers in digital areas, which are so demanding at the moment.

Given this opportunity, today more than ever you have to take advantage of the last days to take the Online Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by the School of Marketing.

The Online Diploma in Digital Marketing It is the best opportunity you have to manage talent in these moments when digital knowledge is widely demanded in the market, because they have proven that they have a great opportunity for brands, to be able to speak to the consumer.

You are a few days away from being a « crack » in digital marketing

Faced with this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reminds us of the importance of communicating in the current market through social networks or by selling through electronic commerce platforms.

That is why it becomes essential to bet on a diploma that helps you make the most of social networks, design a digital branding strategy and know how to offer services adapted to the new normal.