It was born from the hand of Cyanogen in 2014, and today another ‘custom ROM’ such as LineageOS will bring Android 10 closer to the successful and already old OnePlus One

The wheel does not stop in a smartphone industry that has never waited for anyone, and in which six years has always been too long for almost anything… Not so for OnePlus, which has seen how your first hip flagship killer ’will receive Android 10 from the community!

We talk of course about the OnePlus One presented back in 2014 as a revolution in the mobile market Following in the wake of Google’s successful Nexus 5, with high performance hardware and very contained price to become directly the bully of the industry, in a best seller that had to be distributed through invitations because OnePlus, emerged as a start-up under the shelter of BBK Electronics, did not have the capacity to handle so many requests.

Android 10, the latest stable version of Google’s mobile OS, also works on older mobiles

Surely few Oneplus one remain active throughout the world, but those who remain today receive the best possible news from GizChina, since surely the first flagship killer of the young Chinese manufacturer will become the longest-running smartphone to receive an Android 10 upgrade package, in this case thanks to the LineageOS custom ROM.

With six years of life in the market and having been born with a CyanogenOS that later fell out of favor, today another ‘custom ROM’ like LineageOS will bring Android 10 closer to the successful OnePlus One, the true Chinese ‘flasghip killer’

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LineageOS 17.1 brings Android 10 closer to OnePlus One 2014

The mobile of the Android scene is still alive six years later

It makes me a little nostalgic, almost sad, to look back six years ago at a 2014 where high-performance mobiles cost almost half that today, and when OnePlus could afford to launch a mobile with the best chipset on the market and hardware at the height of the flag bearers for around 400 euros. Perhaps OnePlus also has some nostalgia, and hence they have recovered their essence with the new OnePlus Nord that returns them to the path of flagship killers with much more contained prices.

Be that as it may, the news is that the OnePlus One was always the mobile of the Android scene, and the scene will keep you alive as surely the oldest mobile that Android 10 will enjoy, having already completed six years of life in the smartphone market.

Not surprisingly, the device was born with CyanogenOS Although OnePlus had to give up the firmware of a Cyanogen Inc. very soon, it confused its objectives by promising « an Android far from Google » and then sold its structure to Microsoft. This forced OnePlus to develop its OxygenOS on Android Open Source Project, although the manufacturer also joined the LineageOS project to make work easier for the android community.

And it was the LineageOS group that did not want to leave OnePlus One in 2020, officially presenting LineageOS v17.1 based on Android 10 for the already old OnePlus device, which will be able to test the latest flavor of Android with a stable and fully functional custom ROM.

For now, neither alpha nor beta versions have been published in any case, so we can expect a multi-week development process in which previous compilations will be published with possible failures in order to achieve stability. Also, this opens the door for other developers, who will be able to use the LineageOS base to build other ROMs in the future.

Without a doubt, good news for OnePlus users and enthusiasts, and also for all those you have stored in the drawer. a OnePlus One that can enjoy a new life with Android 10 and all its news… We hope for more news very soon!

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