This MLS footballer takes half his salary in bitcoin

The sports world adds a new bitcoiner: Ifunanyachi Achara, Nigerian soccer player for Toronto FC. The 23-year-old forward has decided to spend half of his salary in US soccer to bitcoin (BTC).

The footballer is passing half of his income as a footballer in the MLS to bitcoin through the Bitwage gateway, which converts automatically. Previously, he used the Binance exchange to do the procedure on his own, according to reports from Coindesk.

Achara, who arrived at Toronto FC in February 2020, celebrated his alliance with Bitwage via Twitter this Monday, May 3. The player highlighted the ease of “stacking satoshis” offered by the platform and expressed his interest in cryptocurrency, mentioning the hashtag #bitcoin on the social network.

In addition, the footballer has in his Twitter profile photo an image of the Marvel character Black Panther (Black Panther) with the “laser eyes.” The use of those eyes has become popular among bitcoiners on the social network in recent months as a manifestation of a bullish stance on the cryptocurrency.

Achara decided to take part of his salary in bitcoin, keeping in mind the inflation rates in his native country and the need to send their relatives money resistant to that reality, according to their own statements.

Achara has the “laser eyes” used by bitcoiners in her Twitter profile picture. Source: @ AcharaIfy10 /

During an interview, the athlete assured that “the inflation rate is killing us.” He also referred to money printing policies in the United States. as a cause of the devaluation of the dollar, that makes BTC stand out. This is something that even Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has accepted, CriptoNoticias reported a few days ago.

The more money the United States prints during COVID to help people, the more it devalues ​​our currency. So my family, when I send money home to them, I send them bitcoins.

Ifunanyachi Achara, Toronto FC footballer in MLS.

Athletes seek to improve their salaries with bitcoin

Achara’s case is not the first in the world of sports. As this media has previously reported, players from the American football league (NFL) such as Rusell Okung or Sean Culkin They have already appealed to cryptocurrency as an alternative for their income.

In the American Basketball League (NBA), the Sacramento Kings They gave their players the option to pass whatever percentage of their salaries they wanted to BTC. However, they did not clarify the mechanism they would use in the Californian franchise to make it happen.

Other teams, such as the Oakland Athletics of the professional baseball league (MLB); or Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks in the NBA; they started accepting bitcoin payments to their fans.