The poor condition of the tires can cause serious road safety problems. According to data from the Directorate General of Traffic, breakdowns related to car wheels were one of the main reasons for roadside assistance in 2018, with a total of 123,754 cases, 30% more than in the previous year .

Also, 30% of accidents caused by technical failures have to do with tires, be it loss of pressure, deterioration, uneven wear or damage caused by curbs, potholes or other objects present on the road.

Today, the first three problems we have mentioned can be effectively controlled. All vehicles manufactured since 2012 are required to incorporate a tire monitoring system (TMPS) that alerts drivers in the event of low pressure, and regular checks and maintenance can prevent damage related to deterioration and irregular wear.

However, damage from curbs, potholes or other objects on the road cannot yet be effectively prevented and anticipated, and pose a significant risk of accident. To offer greater safety to drivers, Microsoft and Bridgestone have developed an intelligent tire monitoring system that alerts you in real time of any damage they may suffer.

This technology uses the cloud infrastructure of the Microsoft Connected Vehicles Platform (MCVP) and the data collected by the car’s sensors, and uses algorithms to detect incidents that affect the surface and housing of the car. tire. Thanks to this, The system can alert the driver of tire problems at the very moment the damage occurs.

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In addition, the system is able to identify the specific place where the damage has occurred, so it can also alert those responsible for road safety of the presence of potholes, obstacles and other road hazards.

According to Bridgestone, there is currently no other equivalent monitoring system on the market, and this technology has the advantage that no need to install additional hardware, since it uses the one already installed in the vehicle.

This new smart tire monitoring system is now available to all MCVP fleets and original vehicle manufacturers.