Shakira She is one of the most famous singers in the world and, in addition to her prominent voice, one of the things that made her most famous were her exotic dance steps.

And is that Shakira He knew how to combine and exploit his Arab roots to bring them to the present day and make his dances on stage one of the most notable and that will always be remembered in Spanish pop history.

We have all been hypnotized by seeing Shakira’s hip movements, which seem amazing and out of this world. She is a goddess!

Every time you go on stage, Shakira He knows how to perfectly combine beauty, talent and dance, drawing screams of fascination among his fans.

And until now, no matter how hard they try to imitate it, no one has been able to beat Shakira, the queen of Latin American belly dance … Until now!

Now, from Mexico it seems that competition has come out. This is the actress and singer María León, who has decided to take on the challenge of trying to beat Shakira on their own ground.

It turns out that he has posted a video on his Tik Tok, which he replicated on his Instagram account, in which he is seen doing a hip dance to the Shakira, something that has caught the attention of his fans and those of the Colombian.