A mysterious message reached various cell phones of users in Mexico City and the capital’s government has spoken on the matter.

Communication through mobile devices has been key in this contingency.

The strategy of the capital government during this contingency has opted for the management of COVID-19 cases through SMS messages.

The owner of the digital agency of Mexico City, José Merino, has come to clarify what has been the purpose of a message that reached various cell phone users in the country’s capital.

The official’s explanation is that it was a campaign to publicize the telephone number through which the Mexico City government will contact people, who possibly had contact with a person infected with COVID-19.

Various messages began to be published on social networks, where people reported the arrival of a mysterious SMS sent from number 51515 to their cell phones.

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The message quoted:

« Positive cases Covid19 and his contacts will call Locatel-554840400. Refusing to respond prevents stopping infections. Save lives, aceota the questionnaire ”.

The message immediately generated surprise in those who received the text and took on the task of reporting the appearance of something they considered alarming.

After the confusion generated by the message, the Digital Agency for Public Innovation in Mexico City clarified on Tuesday that it was an alert in which those contacted were asked to answer some calls to help the attention and tracking of COVID-19 in possible infected patients.

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« We had started conversations with phone companies to send a message about contact tracing (with the intention of) familiarizing them. We all know the Locatel phone, but we do not know the phone from which we are dialing to do the tracking (of possible positive cases of COVID-19), which is 55 54 84 04 00. So that was the objective (of the SMS) ” Merino said at a press conference.

After the controversy that generated the message, the official assured that the wording will be improved, since the current message confuses cell phone users, who may receive it.

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