This is what we know about the shooting at the Soul store on Reforma avenue

Insecurity has been a persistent issue in the Mexican market, affecting a wide range of businesses.

One element that we cannot lose sight of in the battle against crime is the activity that the brands themselves carry out to face these incidents.

Avenida Reforma has become one of the areas with the highest concentration of commercial and office spaces in Mexico City.

An armed incident has been registered on Reforma avenue and according to the first reports made on social networks, it is a shooting caused after an attempted assault in a store of the Soul chain.

Information from media such as Radio Fórmula warns that an alleged criminal killed and two wounded, has been the balance after the alleged robbery that they carried out in the indicated store, at the height of Lafragua.

Among the details that have been offered about the incident, it is noted that an armed man entered the Soul store, to try to rob the place, only that he was repelled by a security element that was inside the point.

In moments more information.

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