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Twitch, the most used platform for video streaming, is not working properly. The page loads normally, but the streaming player displays an “Error # 2000” on launch.

The specific reason behind this situation is, for the moment, unknown, but it seems to affect only Spain. It is therefore possible to access Twitch using a VPN (which redirects traffic to another country) or a browser such as Opera (which includes this technology).

Twitter user Hara Amorós has indicated that operators are deliberately blocking the Twitch network. “Content blocked by request of the competent authority”, ensures that it shows the code. However, the main operators in the country, on Twitter, have assured that the incident is not related to their network.

Social networks set fire to Twitch failures

space gray iPhone X smartphone turned onPhoto by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Twitch world personalities such as Ibai Llanos have been quick to comment on the error on their social networks. Thousands of viewers are also expressing their discomfort with the situation on platforms such as Twitter.

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