This is what they could announce in the first Nintendo Direct of 2021

Perhaps because of the pandemic, some economic sectors are still in an uncertain situation. However, and just as it happened last year, the video game industry will continue to surprise us by announcing a lot of things for this 2021, and one of the companies to raise their hand in this regard is Nintendo, Who They have prepared a very special event to start with everything.

As you may recall, the Japanese company revealed two titles a few weeks ago for its star console, the Switch. It was an update of Super Mario 3D World and an unpublished game, Bowser’s Fury, that at that time they continued the celebration for the 35 years of Super Mario Bros. However, it seems that this time They bring us a couple of surprises and unpublished projects that have been saved all this time.

Its beautiful!  Check out the trailer for 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury' for Nintendo SwitchIts beautiful!  Check out the trailer for 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury' for Nintendo Switch

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The first Nintendo Direct of 2021 arrives

This February 16, Nintendo announced hype and saucer the first Direct of the year. Through their social networks, they mentioned that it will be a virtual conference that sIt will take place on February 17 at 4 p.m. Central Mexico time. But perhaps what caught your attention was that it will last about 5o minutes, so we can expect them to reveal a lot of titles and news that will excite gamers.

For now, there are a couple of confirmed points on which this lecture will focus, although it is not yet so clear if they will take advantage of this space to show us new video games or even the occasional console. But if they are pears or apples, then we will tell you what are the rumors and what the Japanese company could launch on the market in a few hours. They are ready?

What could you reveal at this event?

As Nintendo mentioned in the tweet that they jumped in to announce the event, it will mostly be focused on the Switch and games we already know, What Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Regarding this title, it is expected that introduce the next character to join the cast of fighters luxury they already have, especially after the arrival of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 a few months ago.

Although also, speaking of the company’s flagship console, will reveal several games that they will launch in the first half of 2021. It is important to mention that the conference will be held days before 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda (which is celebrated Sunday, February 21), so many expect them to throw the house out the window with a similar celebration as they did for Super Mario Bros. last year.

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While there are still classic Link and company games that do not yet have their version on Switch, such as Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, undoubtedly a lot of gamers will be waiting for more news about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which in one of those could reach us this year. We only have to wait a few hours to know what Nintendo has in hand.

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