A famous Youtuber and a designer developed a proposal for the expected Cybertruck but with a military tactical pick-up style

Type vehicles pick-up They have begun to capture ground in the market, so much so that, increasingly, automakers are planning to launch new models that can meet the skills promised by the company. Cybertruck of Tesla.

In the desire to see the Tesla Cybertruck rolling through the streets, the famous youtuber ‘Electric Future‘And the car designer Jan Peisert They have joined forces to imagine what the Tesla Cybertruck would be like as a military and electric tactical pick-up capable of serving the military.

According to the Hybrid and Electric portal, the Cybertruck The military would be typical of the armed forces in green, with the smallest possible security windows and a fully armored cabin. In addition, the vehicle will already come standard with an ultra-resistant cold-rolled stainless steel exoskeleton, the same material used in the ships of SpaceX.

As if that were not enough, the tactical Cybertruck also imagine it with a deployable drone, different weapons, capacity for up to 12 seats and photovoltaic panels to get electricity thanks to the sun.

The creators of the design have even proposed the Cybertruck as a base for other military vehicles derived from it, from light attack vehicles with roof cannons to versions with three axles.

Although the proposal is only a digital recreation, we cannot forget that the United States Army is already preparing to implement electric vehicles in the next decade, so it is not unreasonable to think of similar modifications in the future.


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