this is what the new file explorer looks like

Microsoft has unveiled some of the most important news in Windows 11 at its launch event. However, some are yet to be discovered. One of them is a completely renewed file explorer and different from the one that could be seen in the leaked build on June 25. This is because the operating system is still under development.

Everything seems to indicate that File Explorer will receive its biggest redesign in decades. As can be seen in a video titled “How Windows 11 is being designed” published by Microsoft, the classic quick action tape would disappear to give way to a much cleaner and more orderly interface. In its place would emerge a row of smaller, redesigned icons.

Unfortunately, the designers do not explain what other changes are coming for the file explorer. The brief appearance in the aforementioned video does not provide too much detail either. For now, it seems that the tabs within a window, as there are web browsers and other systems such as Linux and macOS, seem to be far away.

The new design goes beyond Windows 11

Windows 11 File Explorer

However, the video has also revealed something else. The new Windows 11 file explorer interface would arrive with a Office redesign. This makes sense, since Microsoft has been working for a long time to renew its legendary office suite. At this point it should be remembered that the company is already testing a version with dynamic modules and a new design.

There is no doubt that interface changes are one of the pillars of Windows 11. The new start menu, centered taskbar icons, and windows with rounded corners give it a much more modern look. In addition, other features arrive such as integration with Microsoft Teams, a new application store and improvements for Xbox players.

Windows 11 was officially unveiled on June 24 at an event via streaming. Microsoft’s new operating system, which aims to bring the “biggest update in decades,” will be available from the end of the year. Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade for free, while the rest will need to purchase an appropriate license. If you want to try it before its launch, we explain how you can do it thanks to the official program Windows Insider.

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