The result of long hours of work for weeks to combat Covid-19, begin to show on the faces of medical personnel

By: Web Writing

Heroes during the pandemic of Covid-19 they don’t have a cape or a sword. These are the doctors, nurses and other health personnel who have been fighting for weeks to help people infected with coronavirus.

Some images that demonstrate the aforementioned circulate through social networks, since Italian health personnel, as in other parts of the world, have spent long hours of the day attending to cases.

In these photographs you can see some medical area workers showing their faces marked by face masks protectors they wear.

With more than 10 continuous hours of hard work, doctors care for patients with coronavirus, but the fatigue collapses them.

Those images are just a sample of the dedication and sacrifices that are being carried out to preserve the greatest number of lives.

They invite the healthy population to stay at home, this being the best contribution they can make.