Betty la Fea: This is what the cast of the famous Colombian soap opera looks like today | INSTAGRAM

More than 20 years ago the funny novel was aired, here we show you what has become of its charming cast.

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Written by Fernando Gaitán, its original version was broadcast in many countries with great success, including all of Latin America, with the highest audience levels, it enjoyed great international success as it was broadcast in more than 180 countries, being dubbed into 25 languages and by having at least 28 adaptations around the world.

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Without a doubt, one of the most liked telenovelas throughout the history of television, it is for this reason that we decided to honor the incredible actors involved in the story, who gave us so many funny moments, as well as the dramas and situations that They gave the story a great twist, which gave it the success it has.


1.- Betty “La Fea” / Ana María Orozco

She has not stopped doing her job for which she was born, the actress has starred in various novels and has even performed quite good antagonistic roles.


2.- Armando Mendoza / Jorge Abello

He has focused on his career as a film and television director, as well as music videos for famous artists.


3.- Marcela Valencia / Natalia Ramírez

She focused on musical theater and has participated in several successful soap operas, her last television appearance was in a special appearance in « Nurses ».


4.- Mario Calderón / Ricardo Vélez

He was awarded the award for best leading actor in a series in « Francisco Matemático », and, thanks to his impeccable work, he has been nominated for various awards.


5.- Patricia Fernández / Lorna Cepeda

She continued with her acting career, she also participated in « Nurses », playing herself.


6.- Hugo Lombardi / Julián Arango

With a long career in film, television and theater, he has also been in several live comedies in his country, appears in the Mexican series « Narcos » since 2017.


7.- Nicolás Mora / Mario Duarte

He has participated in many soap operas in his country and movies, he won as best supporting and antagonistic actor in 2001 and 2010.