This is what Sylvia Pasquel said about the nudity that she starred in at 71 years of age in “The Devil Between The Legs”

One of the biggest challenges you faced Sylvia Pasquel In her first film nude, at age 71, she was overcoming her own fears of what they will say, of critics and especially of the opinion of her family.

Thanks to the support of the director Arturo Ripstein, as well as the good work done by the screenwriter Paz Alicia Garciadiego, Sylvia Pinal’s daughter felt confident, so she managed to successfully conclude her participation in the film El Diablo Entre Las Legs.

“It is a film that never bothers or attacks, I, because of my age, I thought they were going to make fun or laugh at me because it is not the same to undress at 30 than at 70You may have a good body, but the law of gravity has done its thing.

“The criticism, but especially my daughter and my granddaughters, which was where I said: ‘my granddaughters are going to see the movie and I would be very afraid if someone made an offensive comment and they felt uncomfortable’, however, the times that the we have seen, the nude does not count, it is not really the heart of the situation the nude goes almost unnoticed, it does not have the relevance that the press has given it“, Stated Pasquel at a press conference.

But, one of the items that has attracted attention is that the story captures the relationship of an elderly couple, their sexual interest and the mistreatment that the woman receives from her husband.

“Beatriz (Pasquel) lives in a cage, locked in a house where a man who is constantly insulting her, is saying many offensive things that, little by little, are convincing her that it is not that he hates her, but that, on the contrary, he reveres and adores her, a bit like Stockholm syndrome.

“She little by little, also in her mind this way of life is changing, which is full of mistreatment, bad words, insults, little by little she is turning it into words of love, veneration, according to her, her husband’s jealousy is founded ”, assured the actress.

Although they do not promote aggressions against women, the film’s writer clarified that this is only fiction and that, as the author, she has the freedom to capture situations that are not necessarily intended to raise public awareness, especially in the middle of a movement in which women have fought to eradicate gender violence and raise their voices against physical and psychological aggression by their partners.

None of the participants in this film condones sexual abuseBut one thing is the political position, in reality and another is when one makes a work of art, fiction has other margins and we cannot allow political correctness to limit us and close the margins within what we move.

“We do not make reality, the participants of the film do not hit women, we are not in favor of insulting each other, this is a fiction we have the sacrosanct right and duty to respect what has to go in fiction, in that sense, In recent years, political correctness is greatly attacking those of us who do any artistic activity, cinema, literature and others. Real life is one thing and artistic needs are another, ”said Garciadiego.

Pasquel, for his part, indicated that the tape was not filmed with the intention of making a complaint or promoting the aggression, on the contrary, a story is told in which, he says, mistreatment takes a back seat.

“We are doing a project in which we talk about a story about two old people, about their day to day, how they live their sexuality, their love, their treatment, that has nothing to do with a complaint, the subject is touched (of aggression) because it is from the author’s point of view, but at no time was it thought of as a complaint or that it had those connotations ”, she assured.

Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Greta Cervantes and Daniel Giménez Cacho complete the cast of the film directed by Arturo Ripstein, which will premiere on May 5 in commercial cinemas with more than 100 copies.

BY: Fabiola Meneses