It’s been a few weeks since Quibi It was announced as a new paradigm among multimedia content streaming services, and is that this new competitor to Netflix wants shorter series and mobile-only content at a much cheaper monthly cost.

In fact, Quibi has landed in Spain with no less than 90 days of free trial, direct download from Google Play Store or App Store on iPhone, and a subscription mode that costs 8.99 euros, and is expected to soon receive the down to 4.99 euros it does work in the United States if we are willing to see ads between each reproduction. This is something that everyone asks for Netflix, HBO, Disney + and the others, but that none have dared to implement yet …

Also, it seems that Quibi means little fresh air for a market that is very saturated with options, that this time offers us at least something different, groundbreaking in concept with its chapters up to 10 minutes and aimed at direct consumption from a smartphone, without further ado, exclusively.

Quibi brings fresh air to the market for ‘streaming’ of multimedia content, with a groundbreaking concept of chapters of up to 10 minutes and consumption oriented to the mobile, and only to the mobile…

What Quibi promises us, and what can we expect from his landing in Spain

Well, the first thing Quibi offers us is security, the security of allowing ourselves try the service for up to three months at no cost, to convince ourselves that this is really what we want to entertain ourselves with the smartphone.

Your entire platform is exclusively oriented to mobiles, and that has consequences, because in his catalog Quibi has not only stayed with series or short films, but also includes contests, documentaries or news programs, with productions involving international stars such as Demi Lovato, Will Smith or Jennifer López.

Quibi’s differentiation is thus assured with respect to options such as AppleTV +, Disney +, Netflix or HBO, and only for a vertical format that will take full advantage of the screens of our smartphones in true style of the ‘live’ broadcasts of Instagram or Periscope.

The person in charge of this new platform, which takes its name from an acronym for ‘Quick Bites’, is Jeffrey Katzenberg, former president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and one of the founders of Dreamworks

Also, Quibi does not seek to compete directly with Netflix and the others, because their intention is not to jump to televisions but to remain as the most important streaming service for mobile content, something that also gives you more credibility to trust your possibilities.

Obviously also you can see the contents in landscape, although they will be optimized vertically, and surely the most curious thing is that no broadcast may exceed 10 minutes in duration, a time that to kill free time with the smartphone seems enough and at the same time not as loaded as watching an entire chapter of a television series.

Not only that, and it is that the future of the platform is already outlined launching into the fray with 50 original shows, promising up to 175 programs and 8,500 quibis in its first year of life in charge of, as we have mentioned, international stars of the cinema and television.

If you want to know something tangible, among these programs are those that follow, just to show muscle, although there are many more:

Survive, a drama starring actress Sophie Turner -Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones- as a series.
Dismantled, cooking program of the renowned Tituss Burgess.
I Promiss, a documentary by the Los Angeles Lakers player and four-time NBA MVP, LeBron James.
This Joka, a comedy produced by Will Smith himself.
Most Dangerous Game, a thriller starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz.
Singled Out, an MTV show that is reformulated in Quibi to continue offering romantic dates.
Thanks a MillionThis reality show projected by Jennifer López involves celebrities who donate money to relevant people in their lives, who must also donate half the money to others, and so on.

Every day 3 hours of new content arrive in Quibi, which means at least around 20 new daily chapters of the different programs

The streaming quality is optimal and the design of the app very good, also allowing the content to be downloaded to see them offline in case we run out of Internet access, although perhaps the worst part comes with the language, because the contents can be enjoyed only in Original Subtitled Version, at least for now.

In any case it seems that the subtitles in Spanish are of good invoice, and also so you can practice your English … By the way, starting with the Shakespearean language, we know that all Hispanics are going to pronounce it as ‘kivi’, as it sounds, but its creators speak of ‘cuibai’, that’s why the acronym from ‘Quick Bites’.

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