This is what all car license plates are like in Europe

The European registration is common to the member countries of the European Union, but not all countries belong to it and each member has its own codes. Let’s analyze the differences.

Spain currently uses the format set by the European Union, a 520mm x 110mm metal or methacrylate license plate on a white background with a blue band at the extreme left that includes the circle of stars of the European flag, as well as the code assigned to each country.

This registration format meets the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Traffic on the roads and is regulated by the Regulatory Council of November 3, 1998, entering into force on a mandatory basis eight days later.

Codes of the member countries of the European Union

As we have already mentioned, each member country of the European Union is assigned a code that must be included in the blue band, also called euroband. When wearing it, the oval country code that was previously mandatory to circulate in foreign countries is no longer necessary, as long as it is circulated through a signatory state of the aforementioned Vienna Convention.

List of codes of the 27 member countries of the European Union

Other countries and territories in Europe

Similarly, on the European continent there are other countries and territories that do not belong to the European Union, so the format of their respective license plates is not standardized and it varies according to each government.