“This is unforgivable,” Enrique Guzmán responds to accusations of abuse by Frida Sofía – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Enrique Guzmán reacted to the statements that his granddaughter Frida Sofía gave yesterday on a television program, where she confessed that she suffered touching from her grandfather when she was a child.

Through tears, Frida said that her grandfather “was a very disgusting man” whom she was afraid of, because he did bad things to her that for a long time she thought were normal.

“(Enrique) was always very abusive, I start to tremble because I have a lot to say about that. He was a very disgusting man, a very abusive man, very… he scared me, he always scared me, he did ugly things to me, ”Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter told journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Through his Instagram account, Enrique Guzmán said he was concerned about the mental instability of his granddaughter Frida.

“I am very concerned about Frida’s mental instability and how stupid Gustavo Adolfo is, a man who knows me perfectly.”

The singer expressed that since Frida was little, he admired her, however, he described her recent statements as unforgivable.

“Since I was a child I admired you… .. This is unforgivable. Bye bye ”.

Frida emphasized that what her grandfather Enrique did to her she never told anyone because for a long time she thought it was okay.

“You know what is the most disgusting thing of all, when you are so young and they tell you that this is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter that he loves her and because at that age you have no idea, you have no conscience then it becomes something normal and … disgusting but it’s like that at some point you already start to feel rich or something because your private parts are touching you ”.

Recently, Frida, who has fought with several members of the Pinal family, had a rapprochement with her mother Alejandra Guzmán after being apart for a long time, the Covid that the rocker suffered brought her closer to Frida, who said she was willing to sit down to talk to his mother and fix things.

The Pinal Guzmán family has remained on the sidelines of these differences between mother and daughter, however, Enrique Guzmán has given his point of view on some occasions, wishing that there would be a reconciliation between his daughter and granddaughter.

A year ago he exploded against Frida and questioned her: “Why don’t you talk about your father, won’t you have something to invent there?”

Before these words from her grandfather, Frida responded with a photo of when she was a child and Enrique Guzmán held her in his arms.

“Here Mr. Guzman with his granddaughter’s ‘pendeja’ … #quelindafamilia #hablolaverdad # nomecallomás”, he wrote next to the snapshot in which Frida appears with a cigarette in her mouth.

Now, before the accusations of abuse, fans and followers of the singer have shown their support with the hashtag # FridaSofíaYoSíTeCreo. In Enrique Guzmán’s publication, several netizens give credit to Frida’s words.

“If the river sounds it is because it carries water, I don’t doubt it a bit. Poor Frida, everything she has to live ”.

“I do believe him because how many times it happens like this how many biological parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, friends and husbands of the mother or boyfriends have abused the girls or boys.”