this is their new offices in Tokyo

It’s not uncommon for developer companies to seek out new locations as they get involved in larger projects that require more workers. We were recently talking about the search that Retro Studios could undertake in search of a new home during the development of Metroid Prime 4, and now it is Game Freak who, through an extensive photographic report on Office Snapshots, opens the doors of the house that he has built for them Sumisho Building Management with design of Canuch Inc.

The main offices of the Japanese firm they have moved to Tokyo, near the Nintendo headquarters. This is an environment with more security and more space in order to expand your business that facilitates coordination and communication of your staff when tackling the projects they embark on. Let’s remember that Game Freak is well known for its star franchise, Pokémon, which has had a huge cultural impact across the globe. Its philosophy is in keeping with Nintendo’s when it comes to trying to explore new fields and having dreams and courage to undertake them, and finding an office that would represent that effort has been a good challenge for Canuch Inc.

green forest in game freak's new office

green forest in game freak's new office

Under the leitmotif of the adventurous spirit, the company also wanted to reflect the encounter, connection and companionship, a recurring theme and, indeed, a fundamental pillar of Pokémon. The main inspiration has been the first installments of the saga, Red and blue. The lobby area, understood as the starting point of the adventure, represents the Green Forest (Viridian Forest) through open spaces filled with plants and sunlight, as well as the patio, where workers can meet spontaneously and share some time. Boardrooms and offices have been christened in honor of the game cities, and they have been decorated in the same way. For example, in the Pueblo Lavanda room, the furniture blends the gray walls and ceilings with mauve furniture, or in the Pueblo Paleta room, which was imagined as a blank canvas since from there everything was to be explored, that is the reason that orders the decoration.

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In the work area there are open shelves that allow you to control the level of privacy that workers need at any given time, as well as more closed rooms designed for meetings where greater security is necessary for information, brainstorming rooms, and meeting rooms open.

Yes do you want to see more photos (and entertain you by looking for the vinyls of the evolutions of the original initial Pokémon), we recommend you follow this link to access a wide gallery.