This is the worrying amount of information that your Gmail account collects from your iPhone

Google revealed the amount of data collected by apps like Gmail and YouTube from the iPhone and iPad.

Google released the amount of information that your Gmail and YouTube accounts collect from your iPhone or iPad. It is simply worrisome.

It all happens after Google sent app privacy labels. The delay in the updates occurred due to the adaptation to the mandatory privacy functions of iOS 14.

The point is that both Gmail and YouTube collect a lot of user data for different purposes. Most of it goes to third-party advertisements – this is why the apps are free.

In addition to advertising, the data (your data, our data) is used for analysis, product customization and application functionality.

What Google does with your iPhone data

Does it make you noisy when, out of nowhere, you get an advertisement for something you recently talked about or searched on Google? There is the cause.

But Google doesn’t deliver your information directly to companies.

It does allow them to target certain specific categories of users with certain specific types of ads. Accuracy, all thanks to data.

Let’s remember that, in the end, all of us give the permission when we use the applications.

Google’s privacy labels will now allow users to better inform themselves about application permissions.

Explain . that, to see the privacy labels, you just have to follow these steps:

Go to the App Store.
Search the application.
And enter its privacy section, where you will find out about everything.