this is the way Akira Toriyama draws Goku

There is little audiovisual material of Akira Toriyama because the mangaka does not like to appear in public. But in this video he comes out creating Goku.

Akira Toriyama He is the creator of one of the most influential manga / anime on the planet: Dragon Ball. In the mid-1980s, the story about the adventures of Goku and so many more characters. However, the mangaka does not like to expose himself to the public. So finding material where it appears doing whatever is gold.

Just like what the famous Twitter account @DbsHype got and published. The user of this platform on social networks, published a video of Akira Toriyama. As reported by the IGN Latam portal, the ‘sensei’ appears drawing Goku.

Akira Toriyama expressing his art

The drawings and designs of Dragon Ball are actually quite simple. It is its representative value that makes it so exciting to see this type of content on the networks. The manga is 35 years old and the anime 34, they are more than two generations trapped under the charm of this story.

The video begins with a blank page, Toriyama’s hand, and a pen. From nowhere he begins to draw lines and Goku is beginning to take shape. Later the colors arrive and the suit begins to paint its characteristic reddish and black of the Saiyan’s hair.

But we will not give you more details, enjoy this piece of little more than two minutes.