That one of the shortages of medical supplies in the COVID-19 crisis is respirators is already well known. After the initial reluctance, Elon Musk finally agreed to put a team at Tesla to design and manufacture them.

The respirator of the electric car manufacturer has a very similar approach to the one we see in the case of Seat in Spain: reuse parts that are used in their cars to make a relatively simple model of completely independent supply. In Tesla’s case, the pieces come out of the Model 3 manufacturing line.

Now one of Tesla’s engineering teams has posted a video explaining the relatively advanced respirator design to have been designed in a few days and on the run.

It has the touch screen of the infotainment system of the Tesla Model 3, as well as a whole series of sensors and valves that allow monitoring the state of breathing in real time. This monitoring allows to control both the air flow, the pulmonary pressure or the volume in the lung.

Part of the advances that Tesla uses in its HVAC systems –Heat, Ventilation Air Conditioning, or Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning–. While it’s about a prototypeIt seems that this may already be at a stage close to its manufacture, although the manufacturer has not mentioned details about it.

In addition, the respirator made by the Tesla team has a small backup system made up of an independent oxygen bottle and a battery, capable of maintaining it autonomously running for 20-40 minutes. In this way, patients can be transferred with their assisted breathing system running.

The United States has been one of the countries most reluctant to establish social distancing measures and is facing one of the toughest forecasts. Donald Trump himself acknowledged that the death toll with COVID-19 could reach between 100,000 and 240,000, in a relatively optimistic scenario.

After initial reluctance to accept the lack of respiratorsElon Musk promised to donate up to a thousand of them directly to hospitals that need them. The teams, a total of 1,255, which started arriving towards the end of last week, turned out to be machines to treat sleep apnea. However, they can be useful to treat COVID-19 in its milder cases.

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