Yesterday was a big day for Facebook’s virtual reality with the launch of Oculus Quest 2. The company continues to try to make this technology transcend beyond games, as we have seen in Horizon, its ‘Second Life’ world.

In this sense, he has presented ‘Infinite Office‘, a virtual reality office for the telecommuting era. The operation is simple. Facebook, through Oculus Browser, the platform’s browser, proposes us to work with customizable screens in which to contact co-workers, edit documents, etc.

Virtual reality with elements of the real world


Infinite Office is virtual reality in which we can fully immerse ourselves, but on Facebook they have perceived that a work experience cannot be based on a virtual keyboard, and will allow some external keyboards to be supported, in partnership with Logitech.


Another thing that makes this virtual office not completely so is the possibility of putting everything in the background, and that said fund is the video of the environment in real time captured by the cameras of the Oculus Quest 2. Thus, as shown in the video, if a person from our house or environment wants to tell us something, we can continue to perceive their movements.

Vr Fb
Vr Fb

There will also be elements such as mobile notifications that will reach virtual reality, so that we do not miss messages or calls. At the moment, Facebook shows chats from its corporate applications, but not from tools with a lot of weight like Slack, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Services like this will be key for experiences of this type to grow, because companies are not going to migrate en masse.

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What Facebook has shown so far are demos, and the commercial version of Infinite Office will arrive in winter. Facebook promises to update the service, with first news that will be focused on personal productivity.

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