this is the standard promoted by Google, Apple and Amazon to connect home devices under the same platform

When companies like Google, Apple or Amazon come to an agreement, it is usually for a compelling reason. In this case, ensure the interoperability of your home products. This week the creation of Matter was announced, the new open standard for smart light bulbs, scales, thermostats and all other connected devices for the home.

The initiative originated in 2019 when the creation of the alliance ‘Project Connected Home over IP’ (CHIP) was advanced. Back then the tech giants agreed so that their different products could work with each other without problems. Among the members of this initiative, which is now materializing in Matter, are Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and other companies such as IKEA, Signify, Somfy or the Zigbee Alliance.

The logo that will guarantee interoperability

Matter Alliance Logo

At the end of 2021, the Matter logo will be in charge of signaling that a device is compatible with all the major brands. This seal can be seen on home devices and will mark that it works with the Matter standard.

Matter will be on thermostats, cameras, locks, lights, switches, and other sensors. An open protocol for the Internet of Things that comes to replace the Zigbee protocol that we had until now. Both Zigbee and Z-Wave, the two home automation protocols to date, will give way to Matter, which is postulated as the trademark that promises “more simplicity, reliability and interoperability”.

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Matter DomoticaMatter Domotica

Samsung has SmartThings, Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Homekit and Google works from Home. These ecosystems will continue to be maintained, but will work alongside Matter. A logo that we will foreseeably see attached to their devices from the end of the year.

Matter is IP-based and will work on current communication and connectivity standards such as Ethernet (802.3), Wi-Fi (802.11), Thread (802.15.4) and Bluetooth low energy.

Matter CompaniesMatter Companies

Another of the companies that we also find in Matter is Signify, the company behind the well-known Philips HUE. The company explains that before the end of the year its products will start using this protocol. One step forward to ensure interoperability. Good news for users that it will be easier for us to take advantage of any of these accessories regardless of the brand of our mobile or the voice system we want to use.

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