This is the stage of ‘Destino Eurovisión’, the gala for the selection of the song by Blas Cantó

On Saturday February 20, the Spanish will know what the song is with which Blas Cantó will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. During the gala called ‘Destino Eurovisión’, Cantó will perform the two songs that his team has proposed, called « Memory » and « I’m going to stay. » Now, RTVE has shown the first images of the set and the stage of said gala.

This is the scenario of ‘Destination Eurovision’

Prado del Rey Studio 5 will host the ‘Destination Eurovision’ gala. The set has a space of almost 200 square meters, adorned with a « modern and minimalist » design, in the words of public television. The space is composed of two connected platforms: a main one with a square shape and rounded edges and an accessory rectangular structure that, according to the group, will offer breadth and depth to the scene. The set also has three vertical LED screens at the back and sides.

RTVE has also confirmed the participation of Marvin Dietmann, creative director of the staging of Blas Cantó for the festival, in the staging of the two songs to be performed at the gala. Whoever was behind the staging of the winner « Rise like a phoenix » by Conchita Wurst will also be behind the first proposals. The team, which has 70 workers, will have eleven cameras at its disposal: six on a pedestal, the hot head, a steadycam, an autonomous camera, another on a rail and, finally, a cablecam, suspended in the air

The ‘Destination Eurovision’ setting

A gala full of special guests

‘Destino Eurovisión’, which will be directed by Juan Luis Iborra, will not only feature two performances by Blas Cantó. The Murcian will be surrounded by invited artists and friends such as Vanesa Martín, Pastora Soler, Edurne, Nia Correia, Cepeda, Roi Méndez and Andrés Suárez. At the start of the gala, voting (which has already started) will be temporarily closed to reopen after the two performances. After a few minutes from that moment, we will know the decision of the public.