This is the Spanish city with the best quality of life

Center of Vigo. (Photo: Cande González via Getty Images)

It is still not very clear what it is to live ‘a la Madrileña’, but the citizens of Madrid do not seem to like it too much. The capital is, together with Barcelona, ​​the city with the worst quality of life in Spain, according to the OCU. On the other side is Vigo, which has been crowned the best city to live in.

The Organization of Consumers and Users has carried out a study on the quality of life in 15 large Spanish cities, asking their inhabitants. After the Galician city are Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valladolid and Córdoba, all located above the average. This is the complete ranking:











The Gran Canarian palms





To draw up the list, the OCU has taken into account ten criteria for which it has asked citizens. They are mobility, citizen security, health services, educational services, cultural, sports and leisure offer, pollution and the environment, labor market, cost of living, real estate market and urban cleaning. Additionally, respondents have been asked to rate overall quality of life.

Vigo has been placed in the first position because it has good evaluations in safety, cleanliness, education or environment and pollution, in addition to being a good city to live with children due to its sports, leisure and cultural offer. Its weak point is the labor and real estate market.

For its part, Zaragoza stands out in practically all areas, except cleaning, while the residents of Bilbao would improve the cost of living and the real estate market.

As for the worst cities, Madrid scores poorly in health services and scores below the average in education …

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