This is the situation between Nico Hülkenberg and Red Bull Racing

Along with Sergio Pérez, Nico Hülkenberg is the main candidate to replace Alexander Albon at Red Bull if the Thai finally fails to meet the expectations of the Austrian team.

Nico Hülkenberg seemed to have very complicated his return to Formula 1 in 2021, but the misfortune of Racing Point with its starting drivers, who were infected with coronavirus, allowed the German to play three weekends this season and thereby re-placed on the market.

In fact, his performance has led to him even having options to sign for Red Bull Racing, one of the most desirable teams on the grid. But for that to happen, he has to convince Christian Horner and Helmut Marko that can offer more than Sergio Pérez and Alexander Albon.

“I think it will be some time before it is announced”

The former achieved the ninth podium of his career in Formula 1 last Sunday in Turkey, but remains without a contract for 2021 after Racing Point decided that Sebastian Vettel is the best option to start his career with Aston Martin. Regarding Alexander Albon, Thai remains first choice of Red Bull, but to do so he must improve his performance in the last three races of a season that, for the moment, is being disappointing for him.

Contacts and calm

Nico Hülkenberg has spoken about all this, confirming that he is still in contact with Red Bull Racing, but that at the moment there is no news regarding his possible incorporation. «Yes, in fact I have already signed. Yesterday I signed the contract for a house, ”Nico Hülkenberg joked before getting serious. There is nothing to report. The rumors have died down a bit. Of course I’m motivated, but we need patience. I think it will be some time before it is announced. “

The German will have to wait until December, as Red Bull has already announced that it will not make a decision on Albon until the end of the season, as it is aware that no other seats available for Pérez and Hülkenberg that can put both of them out of reach.

Albon, Pérez or Hülkenberg?  Red Bull won't decide until DecemberAlbon, Pérez or Hülkenberg? Red Bull won’t decide until DecemberRead news

“Of course I am in contact with people who know what is happening, but not every week or every day,” admits the German. «Of course I have people who help me, but in principle I keep these contacts myself».

“I am quite calm because it is not in my hands,” acknowledges the former driver of Williams, Force India and Renault. I just have to be ready. We know how unpredictable the situation is, so I keep getting in shape. If not, I will wait for another return and another opportunity. We just have to be patient and wait for the decision, “he concludes.