The ship has space for six crew members who will be able to see Earth from space

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The company of tourism space Virgin Galactic released images from the cabin of his ship suborbital SpaceShipTwo –VSS Unity model– in a virtual video that shows what your passengers will be able to see and experience during a flight for him space.

The ship have space for six crew members who will be able to see the Earth from the space in comfortable seats designed for launch and entry to the space.

According to what was mentioned, the cabins will have cameras so that the passenger « enjoys the trip without having to take out a camera to document the experience.

According to ., the ticket for a flight suborbital on board the ship It will be worth $ 250,000, although the company says those interested can book a trip with a $ 1,000 refundable deposit.

So far, 600 people have already signed up to travel to the space with Virgin Galactic and 400 others have expressed interest. For now, no specific date has been set for the first flight commercial of SpaceShipTwo.

Virgin Galactic is one of the companies in the race for the tourism space alongside SpaceX and Blue Origin.

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