The rear view mirrors help to see all the points that we cannot see from our seat in the car, however, there is a correct way to use it and here we tell you what it is

Driving a car would not be easy without the existence of rear view mirrorsAnd it is that thanks to them, we can know what is happening around us without having to move our whole body while driving the car.

The Main function of the mirrors is control the perimeter, keep it safe, and therefore avoid catastrophic accidents with others cars. It is important to maintain and know the distances of the car. The more we see and are able to process, the more secure we can act.

How many mirrors should the car have and what are its functions?

Most cars have 3 mirrors, one central on the inside of the car and two side mirrors on the outside.

. The central mirror: This helps us to see the cars coming behind us, and in case of going in reverse, it helps us to see if there is any pedestrian or object nearby.

CORRECT POSITION: The mirror should be centered and upright, it is usually loaded to the right since the pilot is on that side.

Central rearview mirror.
Credit: Pixabay.

. Side mirrors: These help us see what are known as “blind spots”, they help us to know if we are driving in the lane, they help us to change lanes without causing an accident.

CORRECT POSITION: The ideal position of these mirrors is that you can see the handle of the rear door, with this you will know if it is in the correct position, in case you see the two handles or you do not see any, you will have to adjust them immediately to have a correct visibility blind spots.

According to the FIU Blog portal, for a better use and care of your rear view mirrors, always try to keep them clean. Before you start driving, check that your mirrors are in the correct position.

If you are in reverse, pay close attention and always look at all your mirrors to avoid coming into contact with obstacles or putting at risk any animal or pedestrian behind the vehicle.


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