This is the Radar Covid app inside: the government publishes its source code

It’s been a few weeks since the tracking app for the coronavirus in Spain, Radar Covid is in operation. This generated endless critics to the public administration because it wasn’t transparent enough, more than 200 Spanish academics who signed a manifesto in favor of transparency in the development of public software.

Now the administration has achieved the remarkable milestone of free mobile app software Spanish public with the fastest and longest download record: it has 3.7 million.

Available to anyone who wants to analyze COVID Radar

App Radar CovidApp Radar Covid Radar Covid

COVID radar is a Spanish contact tracking application that integrates the core created by Apple and Google. Therefore, it is an application developed jointly by the two great technology companies, the difference is that the application comes with an additional layer of software that can be customized in each country and integrate the health services of each autonomous community.

Now the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, has notified all users through its official Twitter account that the source code of the application has been released so that anyone who wishes can consult it.

The Radar COVID code has been published licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0, same DP-3T protocol. Other countries in your contact tracing application (code also released) under Apache 2.0 license.

In Github we can find the repository with the name and logo of Radar COVID, where we will find sections of the iOS version, the Android version, the DP-3T protocol and the servers they use.

Radar COVID will work in other European countries

Covid Radar App throughout EuropeCovid Radar App throughout Europe Covid Radar

Minister Nadia Calviño, Third Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, has announced that once the application is available in Spain, the next step will be start testing for interoperability with applications from other countries as of October 15, predictably those based on the same system of notifications for exposure of Apple and Google.

Spain will be part of the first group of tests to try to make the different contact tracing applications work with each other and therefore Any European can use your application here and we can go with Covid Radar for Europe.