Although we are already fully involved in July, there are several operators that are announcing their summer promotions during this week. In fact, so far this month, SUOP, Digame and yesterday IOS communicated their respective summer promotions, which, as usual, consist of giving additional gigabytes to their customers.

An extra data bonus is what PTV Telecom also offers now, although yes, in exchange for a small fee: 1 euro. The good thing is that in this case it applies to all mobile data rates, both old and new customers.

Until September 25 in unchanged rates

This summer, PTV Telecom offers you the possibility of double the gigabytes of your mobile rate for 1 euro per month. For example, if you have the Silver rate with unlimited calls and 7 GB, when you activate the promotion, you will have an unlimited calls rate and 14 GB.

This bonus will be applied to all those PTV Telecom clients that have unlimited mobile data lines, whether they are residential or business segment. In addition, it is valid for both current and new customers, but of course, only until September 25, 2020 and for unlimited rates with GB that has not undergone rate changes after June 26, 2020.

The promotion is valid for both current and new customers, but yes, only until September 25

Keep in mind that, since it is not a free promotion, it does not apply automatically, but the user must request it from the ‘My PTV’ app or from the client area of ​​the web. In the event that you have downloaded the app and the option to activate the promotion does not appear, the operator recommends updating it to the latest version.

The positive point of this promotion is that there is no limit of mobile lines per contract, it can be activated on all unlimited mobile lines with data from the same owner. Once the promotion is activated, the charge is monthly and the client will have the promotional gigs from the activation date as long as there are no changes in the rate. If you have the promotion active and make a rate change, the promotion is automatically canceled.

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Double gigabytes for 1 euro a month: this is the PTV Telecom promotion for this summer