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The impulse for wearables, when mostly in the form of smart watches, appeared on the scene a few years ago. Since then, we have seen growth, but perhaps not all that we expected. But in this scenario, one of the brands that has played the best game is Apple, which with the Watch is already in the sixth version. And has plans for the future.

It is at least what emerges from a patent that has come to light and that shows Apple’s interest in enhancing the autonomy of its smart watches carrying the battery on the strap. If the Apple Watch already scored in this regard, this patent can be an important boost.

More battery, more autonomy

The Apple Watch stands out for offering good autonomy, at least if we take into account other models of the competition. And although little by little they are improving in this regard, there is still a long way to go. That is why this Apple patent that has been registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is interesting.

Bring the batteries to the straps, it is a new step so that you do not have to charge the watch almost every day. The patent is committed to bringing the batteries to the Apple Watch strap. The bracelet that now passes mainly as an aesthetic element would become an essential part.

In it they would place a series of slots to house the battery cells, which will be individually isolated to avoid problems and at the same time to make it easy to replace them.

In the patent, the strap with the battery will be connected to the watch by pins and to recharge it, a wireless charging system would be used by means of induction coils, wrapped around one of the elements of the battery.

Isolation, a fundamental aspect, also has a place, because although the patent talks about rubber straps (the perfect insulator), it is also believed that this concept could also be used on a metal strap using suitable insulation (Google has already shown that this is possible).

For now we do not know if this patent will become a reality. The Apple Watch offers good autonomy and in fact Apple quotes up to 18 hours of duration without having to recharge it. A time to ignore the charger every night.

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Apple Watch with the battery on the strap: this is the new registered patent