Hyundai and Mercedez-Benz have released the images of their modified logos to promote social distancing caused by COVID-19

The brands of cars have decided to use advertising and marketing to combat the coronavirus that continues to affect the health of the world population, and we have already seen brands like Volkswagen Y Audi, who modified their logo to raise awareness and promote healthy distance between people, and thus reduce the number of infections from the pandemic.

They have also joined this initiative Hyundai Y Mercedes Benz, two car companies that have also decided to modify their logo to promote social distancing, although Hyundai It has done it in a more interesting way, since it promotes greeting among people without using their hands.

According to the portal, one of the most important measures that the population must take to stop infections is to try to avoid contact with other people at all costs and, in the event that this contact is necessary, do so by taking a series of precautionary measures.

As an example, each of these companies has decided to create a retouched image of its emblem in which it has been deformed to separate its main elements, as a visual example of distancing.

Mercedes Benz has decided to separate its celebrated 3-pointed star from the outer ring, while Hyundai, the Korean firm whose logo precisely represents two people shaking hands, has now decided to show these two people separating completely, showing their arms with their fists raised and bringing their elbows closer, as the recommended greeting to avoid shaking hands and spread the virus.


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