This is the new Honda HR-V 2022

The Japanese firm presented the new generation of its light SUV HRV for the European market and with it, the novel incorporation of a hybrid alternative that incorporates two electric motors.

For the moment, the firm revealed some photographs showing the new image of this model, strongly influenced by a coupe theme and that goes beyond what is the vehicle that is currently sold.

In fact, you can see a model with a much longer front and with a remarkable aesthetic work, but without losing the essence that has kept this SUV in the taste of buyers.

It is known that this model joins the family of those that incorporate the e: HEV such as the new CR-V Hybrid and the new Fit and Crosstar.

With this, the brand remains aligned with its projects so that in the following years, the portfolio of products with these environmentally friendly characteristics increases significantly.

Apparently, this model that will be sold in the old continent and in Asia is different from what we will see for the American market, since Honda has arranged that there are specific needs in America and therefore, HRV will include notable changes in its design.