This is the new competition against TikTok, and it arrives in March

YouTube, the world’s leading video platform, is not far behind and wants to compete against TikTok. It’s Shorts’ turn.

15-second videos, edited with music and anything else created by creativity. The short video battle has a new challenger for TikTok: it’s YouTube Shorts.

This YouTube product, which will be launched in March, has the particularity of the use of the platform’s extensive music library.

So far, it has only been tested in the Indian market: it started in September 2020. It has 2 billion monthly users and 3.5 billion daily views.

Among the tools that YouTube Shorts has is the use of speed controls and the time counted back.

It also has a shopping tool. For their test they have relied on beauty and electronics influencers in India.

Google released a short tutorial for YouTube Shorts, recalling that it is still in beta for the United States and that it is only available in India. To read more about Google’s recommendations, you can click on the following link.

YouTube Shorts, to take advantage of the loss of TikTok spaces in the United States

Its entry into the US market would mean another tough contender for TikTok. Recall that the app of Chinese origin suffered several pressures from the Government of Donald Trump, due to an alleged interference by the Asian government.

So far, with Joe Biden coming to power, the sanctions against TikTok are expected to be eased. « A review of the prohibitions can limit the issues raised or completely eliminate the need for review by this court, » said Justice Department attorney Casen Ross.

Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts seeks to cut users to the Chinese roots app.