This is the natural evolution of the Essentia of 2018

The work that Hyundai motor group is carrying out with Genesis it is very laborious. Those responsible for the South Korean constructor know that creating, from scratch, a premium firm is very difficult. Especially when they have to carve out an image of quality and sophistication in the minds of consumers which they lack. To do this, and although it sounds like a copy, they are following the same steps that Toyota, Honda or Nissan took in their day.

Yes, because for shape Lexus, Acura and Infiniti They first looked at their German rivals and then went to the market that could be the most favorable for them: the US. If you add to that large invoice models and with a striking design, we have as a result the path that Genesis is walking. Now they come back to introduce the new Genesis X Concept, a logical and natural evolution of the Essence that they showed the world a couple of years ago.

The Genesis X Concept is a high-performance GT powered by electricity

According to statements by SangYup Lee, Global Design Director, Genesis…

«The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of athletic elegance., the inherent design language of Genesis » […] “Two Lines’ signature theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and cutting-edge technologies that Genesis seeks to embrace in its future models.”

Taking this idea into account, it is enough to take a look at the prototype to realize that could come to the series with very little change. Among the design elements that make up its silhouette we can highlight the long and under hood or the Full LED optics. The front grill follow a G-Matrix pattern three-dimensional to highlight the identity of Genesis. For its part, the side view is typical of a GT, with a sharp drop from the roof line.

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The rear also presents a minimalist design although not lacking in style. In it stand out some Full LED optics that keep the same format as the front ones. Three elements come together in the integration of the third volume: the muscular beltline, the stretched rear window and the integrated spoiler on the boot lid. The bumper closes the horseshoe shape that opens the hood and integrates a discreet diffuser decorated with chrome lines.

Inside the execution and quality of materials (at least visually) it is at great height. The driver is surrounded by a console that integrates a large screen to manage the infotainment system. For his part, instrument panel is digital configurable and mirrors include cameras. As for its technique, they have only confirmed that it is pure electric, but have not announced its power or battery capacity.

From his possible arrival on the market nothing is known either, although perhaps in the future …

Source – Genesis