This is the mini-home that is assembled in one day and to which Elon Musk has moved

The possibility of living in a home identical to Elon Musk’s it will soon be at the fingertips of many. Of course, if you are thinking of a luxury mansion in California, the thing does not go there: the billionaire has moved into a modest modular house in Texas of just 35 square meters.

The peculiar construction is a project of Boxabl, a start-up that manufactures “Instant homes” that can be packed and shipped to the client.

The company’s first product is called “Casita” and, despite the fact that its first client is none other than the billionaire Elon Musk, its price is only 49,500 US dollars. It is an apartment that has everything you need: a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a large room divided into a living room and a bedroom.

Currently the assembly of one of the Boxabl houses requires approximately one day of work. However, the company is working to achieve an assembly time of only 90 minutes per house.

The modules of the house are made of steel, concrete and EPS foam, materials that do not degrade and have high durability. Design is designed to withstand hurricanes, floods and fires. In addition, the house has a very high energy efficiency and spends much less in air conditioning than a conventional building.

Boxabl plans to develop new modules of different sizes so that customers can combine them in different ways and build a personalized house. Although we will still have to wait a few months to buy one of these homes, the company already has a considerable waiting list. And you, would you go live in one of these little houses?

V & # xed; a Boxabl

Via Boxabl

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