We have already spoken to you on occasion about what Xiaomi does with its sub-brands, which is basically to diversify its offer of products so that they fit in other markets under specific brands for these, so that they are more specialized that if Xiaomi were to launch everything on the market.

This diversification allows us to see all kinds of products that come from the Chinese company, such as its new product, the Mijia Sneakers 4, the new sports from Xiaomi They cost less than 30 euros and come with a renewed design and new features compared to their predecessors, so, let’s see what they bring back!

These are the Mijia Sneakers 4 from Xiaomi

Xiaomi, under its Mijia brand, has launched the fourth generation of its sports family, which are framed within its sports products and which maintains some of the best points that its predecessors have, such as lightness and design adapted to current sports shoes, but also improves some points.

First, These Xiaomi sneakers would have better shock absorption technology so that the foot suffers less, in addition to having a mixture of various materials to make them more durable over time. In addition, they have antibacterial compounds to reduce odor, so if you are a person who smells your feet, they can come in handy.

The price of the Mijia Sneakers 4 does not clash with the prices that the company usually sets, since costs about 25 euros to change, And you can choose between several colors, specifically gray, light blue and black, which, personally, is the one I like the most, since it is beautiful, but discreet. But it’s not the only thing Mijia has announced lately.

Xiaomi Mi Backpack in new colors

We recently told you that Xiaomi had decided to launch new models of its popular backpacks at a scandalous price, less than 5 euros in exchange, and that aesthetically they kept that minimalist aspect that characterizes this type of products from the company, and has now added a couple of models to this family.

These new 20-liter backpacks leave behind the usual flat colors that Xiaomi usually uses, in a combined or uniform way, to integrate a much more attractive design, with a green camouflage pattern, with flat green on the pocket side, and with another black model with white spots combined with flat black on the pocket side.

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These backpacks are made with waterproof fabric and have a large pocket on the bottom. Is one of these casual backpacks ideal to carry a few things like the tablet, a notebook, a powerbank and even a small laptop, but without going too loaded, so it is highly recommended for its price of $ 4 a change, and it will be available from April 9.

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