This is the make up you need

How to assemble your perfect toiletry bag: This is the make up you need
February 20, 2021 07:03 hs

The perfect toiletry bag generates many doubts: what is the most important thing? Should I put 800 cosmetics or just a few? Do I add skincare products or just make up products? Melody Scher, ex-model and entrepreneur, told Maire Claire what the correct tools to apply each product skilfully.

How to assemble your perfect toiletry bag.

What you need to keep in your perfect toiletry bag

To apply a makeup primer, it is necessary to have a synthetic fiber base brush, which allows to distribute the product over the different areas of the face. Synthetic fibers are used for cream products, while natural hair fibers are used for powdered products.

When adding the base, we must use a professional synthetic fiber base brush angled shape and then, blend with a sponge. The best sponges are the hypoallergenic, so that they minimize the risk of allergy to the skin. Furthermore, they are hydrophilic, that is, they expand in size when in contact with water.

Once the foundation is applied, to add the concealer, the perfect necessaire must have a synthetic fiber brush to blur and hide imperfections.

The previous steps are fixed with compact or volatile powder using a synthetic fiber brush with a pointed finish, which provides precision to apply the product in areas such as the forehead, chin or nose, among others.

For the eyes, the first step is to apply an eyelid primer with a synthetic fiber brush and then blend with a sponge to blend the product on the skin. On the brow bone, we recommend placing a vanilla shadow with a flat and dense natural hair brush, that serves to give light to the look and deposit more quantity of product. Then we put mascara to highlight them.