Many digital novelties have been incorporated into the Mercedes S-Class, we are going to analyze all those that will make this car a different and very innovative model.

The technology behind the Mercedes S-Class leaves the representation saloon as one of the most technological cars sold on the market. Mercedes has improved the driving experience, raising the bar in this regard thanks to digital innovations. The new generation of the MBUX system is key in this new generation, added to the driver assistance and safety systems.

One of the key points in this updated Mercedes S-Class is the technological level. He MBUX system that we all know reaches a new level, improving in different sections to make it more intuitive and complete.

The active undercarriage E-Active Body Control, which is available in the saloon as options, has more than 20 sensors and access to the stereoscopic camera. Likewise, this system works with five multicore processors, and it does everything to react in an anticipatory way in different driving situations.

The system Pre Safe, in the lateral impulse, mount a new function. This system raises the body just before a side collision, all due to the intervention of the aforementioned system, the E-Active Body Control.

In the same way, the latest generation of the driving assistance. This new package incorporates new functions or, in other cases, already existing but improved functions. Note the Active Blind Spot Assist or Active Steering Assist. The first will emit a signal simply with the gesture of opening the driver’s or passenger’s door, as long as it detects traffic near the vehicle.

The parking assistance systems they are perfected and manage to better assist the driver. We have 12 higher performance ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear, including emergency braking function when driving in reverse. Optionally, the parking package with a 360 ° camera is available, making this task even easier.

He responsible for Safety and Bodywork, Thomas W. Hellmuth, said: “We are proud to present the front airbag for the rear seat occupants as a world first in the new S-Class. The innovative tubular structure makes the rear seat airbag unique in its class and is the key to a particularly smooth deployment. Obviously, the occupants must wear the seat belt. With the new, designed and illuminated belt locks, the act of fastening the seat belt is even more intuitive. “

This article was published in Top Gear by Enrique León.