Definitely, the coronavirus came to completely change the plans we had for this year. At this point and after almost six months in quarantine, it became clear to us that at least for a long time we must remain at home and locked up. But although that sounds terrible, we cannot forget that in a few days, hours and minutes It will be September 15, the date where we celebrate the independence of our Mexico.

As you will remember and for obvious reasons, this year we will not be able to give ‘the cry’ from some of the public squares in the country –Like the Zócalo in Mexico City– nor will we have the chance to build a huge crowd with all our friends or loved ones. However, eso does not prevent us from organizing a real Mexican party from a distance, as this important date warrants.

This is how the first Cry of Independence of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was lived in 2019 / Photo: .


Thanks to the existence of a lot of restaurants with home delivery and especially technology, They give us the option to choose between several options to have a blowout for September 15 from the comfort of our homes. That is why here at we put together a guide for you, dear readers, to have a great time enjoying the gastronomy, a little alcohol, movies and music of our country.

Food is the main thing for September 15

Whenever we think of Independence Day, Obviously, as good gluttons that we are, it comes to mind to enter with everything to some of the spectacular dishes that our gastronomy has. From the beloved tacos, to the delicious pozole, the cochinita pibil and not to mention the chiles en nogada so typical of the month and of the date.

Fortunately for all those who have a good tooth and do not like to cook on these dates, there are a lot of restaurants that offer the blessed option to order at home and thus not be left with the desire to eat something delicious this September 15. El Cardenal is a CDMX classic, and although some of the branches they have in the capital of Chilanga have already reopened, they can take you to the comfort of your home some of their spectacular dishes (if you want to order something click HERE).

Food, music and even movies: This is the infallible guide to spending September 15 at homeFood, music and even movies: This is the infallible guide to spending September 15 at home

Illustrative image / Photo: .

But, if you want to order something more traditional and with that gourmet touch, Nicos it is a great option. His specialty is Mexican family food that includes pozole, cochinita pibil and the typical chile en nogada, And like every year, the chef of the restaurant Gerardo Vázquez Lugo and his mother Elena Lugo Zermeño, are putting together deliveries to your door. And if you want to try their huge offer, you can order HERE)

Dinner is always best accompanied with music

Part of the celebrations for September 15 is to remember and listen to the music that is made in our country. We can always turn to the classics, such as mariachi and regional music, and thanks to the music reproduction platforms we can find playlists with classic songs such as “El Rey” by José Alfredo Jiménez, “El mariachi loco” and even “Cielito Lindo” . But we will give you some recommendations to spice up this cry at home.

This is a classic of classics that should not be missed and with good reason. In 1990 and against all odds, Juan Gabriel gave one of the most legendary concerts of his career, when after many obstacles he was finally able to perform at the Palace of Fine Arts. If you want to have a few good drinks sing at the top of your lungs some shit like “Until I met you”, “Dear” and more, you know what to listen to.

Another of the inevitable on these dates and that your aunts will appreciate hearing is Luis Miguel. When no one expected it, Micky left popular romantic songs for a while to get into the sounds of our land, the result was Mexico on the skin, a record that perhaps many have played ad nauseam but it is completely understood, because ‘El Sol’ introduced a new generation to those classic songs from the Mexican songbook.

Now, if what you want is to hear something truly representative of Mexico, without a doubt you have to put the great Pedro Infante. Actor, singer and a true symbol of our country who during his long career delighted us with great songs that completely marked many people, such as “One Hundred Years”, “Sweetheart” and more. Surely your [email protected] they will be very happy to hear these huge songs.

Nothing like a good movie to close with a flourish on September 15

If after giving the shout and having a delicious dinner, you want to see something good to download everything you packed, we have a lot of spectacular movies and series on digital platforms and here we will give you some good options so that your September 15 ends in the best way.

Let’s start with the streaming giant, Netflix. Within it you can find different options, depending on the genre and mood you are in. The first is an original film from the platform that gained everyone’s attention because it was filmed by one of the most talented filmmakers in our country, Alfonso Cuaron. Rome, is undoubtedly a shocking story that reflects the particular situation of a middle class family in the 70s.

'ROMA' by Alfonso Cuarón and the mastery that proves that cinema is human'ROMA' by Alfonso Cuarón and the mastery that proves that cinema is human

Alfonso Cuarón during the filming of ‘ROMA’ / Photo: Netflix

Netflix and Amazon have some gems

In addition, in their catalog they also have productions such as The perfect dictatorship by Luis Estrada, Stored by Jack Zagha ​​Kababie, No one will ever know by Jesús Torres Torres, just to mention a few. Now, if you want to marathon, you can also take some series that have gained popularity, such as Narcos: Mexico or The house of flowers, and as a pylon, we recommend you watch the documentary of The North Tigers in Folsom Prison.

Although Netflix are not the only ones that have Mexican movies and series. Keep your hand down, Amazon Prime Video has several hidden gems, such as Dog loves by Alejandro González Iñárritu, I dream in another language by Ernesto Contreras, Rip my life by María José Cuevas, great films by Guillermo del Toro as The invention of Cronos or The Pan’s Labyrinth, and even others a little more commercial like We the noble by Gary Alazraki.

'Amores perros' turns 20 and will be screened restored in the Zócalo of CDMX'Amores perros' turns 20 and will be screened restored in the Zócalo of CDMX

Gael García Bernal and Vanessa Bauche as Octavio and Susana in ‘Amores perros’. / Altavista Films