This is the impressive interior of the Mercedes EQS


ACD avatar ACD April 5, 2021

In a few days, Mercedes will unveil the full EQS, but now we have the opportunity to take a look inside.

April 15 is the date chosen for Mercedes to unveil its new electric saloon, the Mercedes-Benz EQS, but a few days before that date it has shown the first photographs and information of its incredible interior.

The new EQS will debut a totally new interior for Mercedes-Benz, dominated by what the brand calls MBUX Hyperscreen, which measures 141 cm from edge to edge, and comprises a digital instrument cluster for the driver, a central touchscreen for infotainment and another touchscreen for the passenger.

A sci-fi interior for the Mercedes EQS

Impressive interior of the Mercedes EQS

3 photos Impressive interior of the Mercedes EQS


The dashboard has 24 gigabytes of RAM, eight CPU cores, and 46.4 GB / s of memory bandwidth, all accompanied by a “multifunction” camera and a light sensor, the latter used to vary the brightness of the screen depending on the lighting conditions.

On the center screen runs the latest version of the Mercedes-Benz MBUX infotainment system, which uses artificial intelligence to tailor home screen content based on behavior and the user’s location and to suggest more than 20 vehicle functions to the driver based on past behavior and saved actions.

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Thus, the new generation of MBUX software includes a digital assistant who will respond to you when you say “Hey Mercedes.” The system is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that offers a series of functions, from explaining the functions of the vehicle and helping in certain actions, such as connecting the mobile or activating the specific ambient lighting or certain animations on the screen.

Mercedes EQS, with camouflage

3 photos Mercedes EQS, with camouflage


The German brand claims that the interior of the EQS “Appeals to the first four senses in many ways”. The view is driven through the interior and exterior styling details of the electric saloon. The sound is primarily covered by two ‘soundscapes’, Silver Waves and Vivid Flux, which produce different sounds when the vehicle is unlocked or locked, when entering or exiting, or while moving, to fill the acoustic ‘void’ left by the removal of a six or eight cylinder combustion engine.

A HEPA filter in the cabin and an active fragrance package, including the new fragrance “No.6 Mood Linen”, exclusive to EQS, satisfy the olfactory senses, while seats, with 10 massage modes, the haptic feedback on the Hyperscreen displays and the Neotex nubuck / neoprene leather upholstery appeal to haptic perception (the sense of touch).

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There are available eight color combinations for the interiorplus the ability to choose between Comfort or Sport seat designs and a number of wood inlay options.

Notably the MBUX Hyperscreen dashboard is not standard on the entire European range from the EQS, but the ‘entry-level’ models feature a dual-screen interior design similar to the Merecdes S-Class, with a separate digital instrument cluster and a central portrait-format touchscreen.