This is the headache due to Covid-19 and how to distinguish it from migraine

Oppressive, constant and potentially chronic, the Covid-19 headache has already been typified as a key symptom of the disease.

Difficulty breathing, fever and dry cough. Those are the three symptoms that have turned the world in another direction, and that World Health Organization (WHO) classified as the most frequent in a coronavirus infection. Until recently, the headache from Covid-19 it had been listed as a secondary symptom. Today we have different information.

A different pain than the common headache

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The headache from Covid-19 is not the same as a migraine, one due to fatigue or stress. Almost a year after the global health emergency began, scientists have realized that it has its own characteristics, that They have even opened a line of treatment different from the traditional one.

Contrary to what was originally believed, today we know that this is a common symptom among positive patients. The first investigations that were carried out around this considered it as “unspecific“. This is not the case, as he explains Jesus Porta-Etessam, vice president of the Spanish Society of Neurology Y Head of Neurology at Hospital Clínico San Carlos, from Madrid to The country.

To define exactly the coronavirus headache, a team of scientists from the Complutense University analyzed 112 infected volunteers. More than 70% of them had not had a headache before, so the researchers realized that the condition had specific characteristics.

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Various headaches related to Covid-19

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From the results of the study, the scientists realized that the origin of the headache is not necessarily related to the infection. In the same way, they realized that there are several types of headaches related to the pandemic, and not necessarily Covid-19. Here are some of them.

Stress from wearing a mask (or forgetting to wear it), as it is often too tight Stress from the pandemic in general

However, they do exist infection-related headaches. The neurologists involved with the study point out that there is a strong possibility that, as the disease progresses, they may get worse and even become chronic. In the same way, it is thought to be related to the inflammatory nature of the headache.

A crushing pain that is worse with movement

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Generally, the Covid-19 headache is oppressive, and affect the whole head or only a part. It is also known to get worse with physical activity and jerky head movements.

Since it is similar to a migraine, the treatment that has been applied is also similar. If a person has these symptoms, along with fever and dry cough, experts recommend do not self-medicate.

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