This is the fines for carrying excess luggage in the car

Whether you go on a trip or use your car as a cargo vehicle, you must be careful, because if you do not place it properly or interfere with your visibility and maneuverability of the car you can be severely sanctioned for putting your safety and that of others at risk.

Both the Traffic Regulations of Mexico City, as well as the Traffic Regulations on Highways and Bridges of Federal Jurisdiction, specify the way in which you must transport your luggage or cargo in the car.

For example, the capital city road code establishes that you cannot carry large objects between the door of the vehicle and your left side, and you cannot hold, carry or place things between your arms and legs.

It also establishes that you must place the luggage or cargo in the trunk area or in the accessories intended for this purpose so that these do not impede visibility or represent a distraction for safe driving, otherwise you could be penalized 1,793 pesos in accordance with article 38.

In case of carrying things on the roof of the car, you will not be able to do it when they exceed the dimensions of your vehicle in width or length.

In the case of road regulations for the highway, article 75 indicates that you will be fined 5,377 pesos in case the load or luggage falls while you are driving.

So now you know, when you leave with a load in your car, you must make sure that you comply with the safety requirements established in the traffic regulations.