World football begins to walk after the hard blow resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic. Especially the European continent where the impact has been very high, paralyzing all soccer competitions since the middle of last March.

05/23/2020 at 10:22


Ramon Fuentes

Little by little the soccer of the Old Continent tries to recover “normality”; although under a different scenario than the one that was just two months ago. So right now there are already 12 leagues that have confirmed their return date, starting with Germany that started last weekend.

Alongside the Bundesliga are also Austria (June 2); Czech Republic (tomorrow May 25), Denmark (May 28). Both Israel, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia will do so this coming week. Specifically next Friday and Saturday. A week later it will be the turn of Portugal (June 4), with Turkey finally leaving for June 12 and Russia having a return date of June 21.

Four are the leagues that have already announced that they will not return this season, and that they are preparing for the resumption of the 2020-2021 campaign. The first to announce it was the Belgian league, which was followed by the Netherlands, France and this week Scotland has joined.

And then there is a wide group of countries where they are already working to return but without a fixed date to do so, within which is the Spanish league. As we have been counting in SPORT, there are several dates that are handled, including June 12 and 19, but always at the expense of the approval of the health authorities.

The Premier League would also be in this group who also has not set a date for returning to the competition. Analyzing the rest of the countries, in Azerbaijan for example they know nothing about the return date, more when the sport is initially prohibited until next May 31. In Finland they are awaiting a government decision and are working on July 1 as a possible return date.

The same thing happens in Greece, although here there is the possibility of being able to return on June 6, as long as the government approves it. In Kazakhstan, one of the last leagues to be suspended, they are now awaiting the government’s ruling. Lithuania, Northern Ireland and Sweden are in the same situation.

Then there are cases like Romania where, even when they are at the expense of what the authorities dictate, they are already considering June 13 with a possible date of return to the competition. In Slovakia football could return on June 3, a decision that is conditioned on a league meeting. In Switzerland it will be next May 29 when the date is set for football to return to this country. This review concludes with Ukraine where they could return to the competition next weekend, as long as the country’s government authorizes it.

Let’s not forget that once the national leagues are over, tBoth those with a return date and those pending confirmation, it will be the turn of the UEFA club competitions, initially scheduled for August because, as the European body has already stated, the priority is to finish the domestic leagues first. .