This is the ‘disturbing’ origin of ‘Baby Shark’, the children’s song that broke YouTube records

Baby Shark has long been a hit for children, but its origin is much more interesting than you might imagine.

Baby Shark may be one of the most “baby” songs in the world, well, it’s literally for babies, even the title says, well it talks about a baby shark.

But it seems that the first known version of this nursery rhyme is much more psychopathic than we might think, at least the way it’s sung is terrifying.

Psycho Shark tu tururu turu

The original version of Baby Shark (or at least, an extremely similar song and with the same structure) dates from the year 2006 and It is called Kleiner Hai, which can be translated from German as « little shark » and it really is, more than disturbing, a bit strange.

This version of Baby Shark shows us a very different outcome from the one we know in the current version of the song, so much so that there is a scream of terror involved and a girl who is eaten by a shark.

The song was uploaded to YouTube for a long time, but it was hardly in 2007 when it had its best moment, after that, it was lost in the oblivion of many, In addition, it is impossible to want to hear it more than once, because it has very loud noises that make it difficult to hear.

Here’s the song we talked about It is a video re-uploaded in the year 2017. Be careful with the volume.

As you can see, it really is a song that says the same thing in almost every way, and thanks to body language, you don’t need to know German to know what the song is about.

Here, instead of being able to escape from the sharks, a girl who was swimming nearby is brutally killed by them, we know it thanks to their screams of terror, and then the sharks feast on their remains.

I suppose that They are not the same members of the Baby Shark family, they probably live on more dangerous and German beaches.